Guide to AFL Betting Sites in NZ 2022

Australian Rules football is one of the favourite sports for punters in New Zealand to make their bet on. It is not only an exciting game to watch, but a great one to participate in as well. Since it began in 1859 its popularity has been on a steady rise, and the widespread following that it now enjoys is irrefutable. The organisation that holds the games is the Australian football league, shortened to AFL, and this acronym denotes this version of football, and the betting that accompanies it.  AFL betting guarantees punters a good time, and some very interesting AFL football betting options.

AFL betting can be done in a variety of ways, with many appealing options provided for punters from New Zealand. Basic bets are easy for punters to place, and each team will be offering different odds. Often a points spread will have to be exceeded as well if you want the full payout on your winning bet, so keep that in mind at the end of a game.

Best AFL Betting Sites

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Every punter has a different idea on who the winner of any one match will be, and this is why the odds differ so widely. Try to keep your personal emotions and loyalties off the table when choosing a team to win, however, as, although these payouts can sometimes be very large if the odds were against you, more often than not the team that is favoured to win does in fact do so. This is why AFL betting favours individuals who do not have a strong emotional tie to any one team, as they are able to read the statistics and odds unemotionally and make bets with their heads, not their hearts. Bookmaker odds, statistics and reports from reporters and sports websites should all go into factoring who you are going to be AFL football betting on, as well as how much money you would like to wager.

The Australian football league is a very busy one, and they host events all year round. For more conservative bettors there is the option to lay wagers on single matches, but there are a wide variety of AFL betting options available for those who wish to delve a little deeper into what is on offer. The simple win or lose bet can be made alongside those on how many points a player will make, or one that bets that a player will exceed a score on another type of statistic, from defensive to running markers. AFL football betting can also be enjoyed on Android, iPhone, iPad etc.

Multiple batch bets are also available at certain points during the year, as well as bracket bets. Here you will be asked to choose a winner for the whole tournament, and these wagers can offer winners enormous payouts. Long term bets are also available, allowing punters to predict which team will have scored the most points in a season, and winnings on these AFL bets are paid out as the season comes to a close.

AFL Football Betting NZ

AFL football betting has something for everyone, and adds a very definite layer of excitement to an already very enjoyable game.