Guide to Golf Betting in 2024

While the exact origins of the game of golf remain obscure, people have almost definitely been partaking in golf betting since the game started being played. Thanks to the wonders of internet, punters from New Zealand can now do so far more conveniently. While side golf bets were rarely placed when the game began, betting more frequently being made by the players themselves, that is a thing of the past, and now there are many people around the globe who enjoy hazarding a guess on the outcome of a match. The world’s finest professional players are taking part in tournaments throughout the year, and punters can place golf bets in New Zealand, thanks to the internet, no matter where in the world the games are being played.

The majority of betting sites online will offer punters the opportunity to place golf bets on games, and punters can expect access to not only the world famous tournaments everybody watches, but less well known competitions as well. The key to finding a good golf betting site is to find out how many of the lesser tournaments they make available, including the women’s golf games, pro-am events and the second tier tournaments happening worldwide all year round. Don’t join up to a website that only features major events like the Masters tournament, as you will be narrowing your golf betting app opportunities considerably.

Bookmakers generally make two types of golf bets available to punters, namely the tournament win bet and those made on the outcome of matchups between two competitors selected by your bookie.

Best Golf Betting Sites

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If you are new to the world of golf betting, take a look at the tournament win golf bets, one that works particularly well when a golfer is especially successful over a longer period of time than is usual, as in the case of Tiger Woods. While there hasn’t been a golfer that has reached the kind of streak that Tiger Woods enjoyed in a while, take a close look at each individual player’s standings and ability and you may well find that you have chosen a winner as the contest comes to a close.

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Selections made on a match between two players can also be very profitable. Bookies select the matchups, and post the details on their websites, allowing punters to choose which individual they think will prove triumphant. Punters need only try to predict which individual will place higher in the standings at the tournament’s end, something considerably easier to do than trying to predict an overall winner for the competition. When golf betting on two star players, a thorough knowledge of their history and the course they are competing on can often make picking a winner relatively easy.

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Younger players joining the ranks of more seasoned professionals and the increase in access to the better golf courses is helping to raise the popularity stakes of golf betting odds for bettors from New Zealand. The fact that one wrong move in an otherwise faultless game can dramatically change the outcome of the competition means that golf betting is an exciting pastime, with a favourable outcome possible in even the last moments of a golf betting game.