Horse Racing Tips For NZ 2024

Horse race betting is the most popular activity in the land-based and online betting shops in New Zealand and horse racing tips are valued by enthusiastic punters. These horse betting tips are offered by most of the reputable sites we review here, and many online forums and chatrooms provide even more useful information. This can help you maximise your wagering potential and winnings, but you need to know you can trust them and you need to properly apply them. To about this, reading our New Zealand horse racing tips below is a great place to start.

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A basic, essential piece of advice is to understand the available wagers available. If you have a firm grasp of these options, you can combine this with the horse racing betting tips you have learnt and make informed decisions that will yield the best rewards. We have outlined the main NZ online betting options below.

Types of Horse Racing Betting Wagers in New Zealand

  • In Win and Place bets, you name the horse that will come first or, in the case of Place bets, second or third in a race. Based on these basic wagers, several other bets can be made. Keep your eyes open for tips that will help you decide which horses are most likely to place in the top three positions, and decide which punts will be most beneficial to your situation.
  • Besides the straight bets mentioned above, there are also many exotic bets such as First Four wagers, Exactas, Trifectas, Quadrellas and Quinellas.
  • You can run a series of wagers across several races at a time in multi bets that include Parlays, Doubles and Trebles.
  • In addition to these standard bets, unique bets are occasionally run on specific events and can be very lucrative if played right.

Top Horse Racing Betting Tips Sites

Knowing the facts will always help to make a decision, and you should try to get as much statistical information as possible to consider alongside the horse racing betting tips you have received. Try to find out as much as possible on the win/loss percentages, name and number of the horse and the jockey, their winning or losing streaks and anything else that seems pertinent. Horse and rider function as a team in the race and influence each other, so you need to check the statistics of both and check how they work together. You should also factor in the condition of the track being run, as certain steeds perform better on certain tracks like checking the odds for Caulfield Cup betting.

Once you know as many statistical facts as possible you can consider the kind of information that you get from NZ horse racing tips, such as the kind of track being run which can really influence an animal’s performance. Combining all the information at your disposal is a key skill to develop in wagering.

TOP horse racing tips SITESApril 2024
1 IE allowed5/5100% Match up to $250 Bet now
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3 IE allowed4.8/5100% Match Bet now
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Find the Best Horse Betting Tips & Odds

Along with statistics and horse betting tips, the odds should always be considered when you are trying to maximise your winnings; picking the right races when using sports betting apps does not guarantee big jackpots. For example, if you bet on a long shot the odds of winning are much less but the successful wagers do pay out much more. If you receive reliable horse racing betting tips on long shots, you can use these to cannily play the odds and gain large windfalls.

NZ Horse Racing Tips

Although you should never conduct horse racing betting based on emotions, you should also always listen to yourself. As you punt more you will become shrewder at combining horse racing tips and the other information at your disposal and making betting decisions that are most beneficial to you. The more you wager, the better you wager.

Best Tips for Horse Racing Betting New Zealand (2024)

If you’re looking for the hottest horse racing tips to help you place winning bets, look no further. We’ve got the top tips that will help you to back a winning horse time after time.  The more you know about horse racing, the more successful you can be, as online betting requires skill and know-how.

Use these horse racing betting tips to place wagers that have a better chance of winning.

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Study The Form

The “form” refers to the overall performance of the horse on the track. It’s vital to get to know the form of the horse and how it might indicate whether it will win or lose. You can find out about a horse’s form on sportsbooks and other sporting resources, and it will give you a much better idea of whether you should begin betting on a horse or not.

Studying form is also among the best horse racing betting tips. It will give you the edge that you need to really make the most of your betting money!

Track Conditions

The next aspect worth keeping in mind is the condition of the track. For instance, if it starts to rain hard, a lot of horses won’t do as well, and it will quickly make or break a bet, sometimes even instantly. This is why it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on the local weather of the track. If it looks like there is a storm front coming in, it’s worth reconsidering any bets you want to make.

But track conditions also refer to the type of track in question. Keep in mind that a horse may be used to one type of track and that it will battle when having to run on a different kind of track. Just like tennis players, horses have their favourite surfaces.

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Watch The Market

The betting market is always in a state of flux. But if you follow it long enough, you will notice patterns. These patterns are what the pros use to gain an edge, which is why you want to keep a very close eye on the market and how it goes up and down.

This info will make you a stronger bettor overall, and you’ll be able to use other horse racing tips in conjunction to pick a winner.

Managing Your Bankroll

Your bankroll is the money that you use for betting. One of the most common mistakes bettors make is not using their bankrolls properly, so it doesn’t take long for them to run out of necessary betting funds.

We recommend that you take the time to learn about betting bankrolls and how they function.

Bankrolls give you the power to take your betting to a whole new level. Bankroll management is one of those horse racing tips that allow you to go from average to pro in a short amount of time. Make sure your bankroll management is up to standard, and it won’t take long before you’re winning big on the fastest horses!

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Horse Racing Tips FAQ

How do I determine which NZ horse will do the best?

Using the horse racing tips on this page will give you the tools that you need to pick a winner.

What kind of bet gives you the most winnings in horse racing betting?

There are many different bets to choose from. Look for one that will suit your style of betting and your bankroll the best. If you’re a beginner, a simple win/place bet is best, but if you have experience, you can go for a trifecta, quinella, or other more complex wagers.

How do you pick a winning horse?

Look at form, past races, the track conditions, the weather, the jockey and the trainer to pick a winner.

What is the best bet for beginners?

A simple win or place bet is best. A win means the horse must win, a place means it must finish in first or second place.

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