Guide to Totes Betting in New Zealand

Online New Zealand betting of all kinds is becoming more popular, and one of the favourite areas is horse racing betting. There is a plethora of exciting tote bets to place on thoroughbred performances, which are best for different situations. Selecting the right one at the right time is important, and one of the biggest skills to master is how to pick the best online Totes betting.

Totes are also called Pari-Mutuel or Pool Bets, and as these names suggest are composed of many wagers placed by many players. All tote bets placed on a race are pooled together, and the winnings are shared among successful punters according to the final odds. Because these odds are determined by the size of the pool, so they change right up until betting closes. A long shot usually pays out more than a sure thing because more people will wager on the latter than the former. One of the exciting aspects of Totes is this sense of uncertainty until the last minute, and long shots are often the best online Totes betting available to you.

Best Totes Betting Sites

TOP tote betting SITESMay 2022
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Different kinds of Totes betting are more beneficial for different betting amounts and for different kinds of races. As you spend time on the New Zealand online betting sites that we review here you will get better at making astute decisions and will make more winnings more often. To start off on the right foot, consider our list of the best online Totes betting below.

  • The simplest tote bets you can place are Wins and Places, and are excellent for beginners. For a Win, you name the horse you think will win, and for a Place you select the horse that you thing will place second or third. In an Each Way bet the two are combined, and you bet on who will win the first three places.
  • In Exacta and Trifecta bets, you specify the exact winners of the first two places and the first three places in a race respectively.
  • Quadpot bets are very popular because they are inexpensive to place and can be very rewarding. They require you to choose horses to place or win in the third to sixth spot in four races on one day. The Placepot is a variation of this, requiring you to pick horses for six races on a given day in the same way.
  • In the Jackpot, you must also select horses for each race, but they must all place first. The challenge is huge, but so are the rewards. It is always a good idea to put a small Tote Jackpot bet in with your other wagers, because small amounts are low risk but can still yield large returns.
  • A Scoop 6 is an exotic version of the Placepot and Jackpot bets. You must name every winner in every race on a given day. It is very high risk and high reward – one mistake and you will lose everything, but successful wagers are amply paid out.
  • The Swinger is the most exotic Tote, where you need to name two horses that will place somewhere in the top three spots. If both names do, you will win and gain a huge payout. One-two finishes usually give the best returns.

Evolve Your Totes Betting Style

The more you place tote bets, the more you will get to know your own style and find the best online Totes betting for your personal punting. Read our reviews to find the best sites for you to practice and perfect your own savvy staking style.