Rugby League World Cup Betting 2024

We are just a month away from one of the biggest sporting events of the year, the Rugby League World Cup. Even though this is one of the oldest international tournaments still played, it has been altered so many times over the years that many may not know exactly how the tournament works, and what kind of format it follows.

This applies to both those that just want to watch the game, and to the Rugby League betting crowd, who are just as keen to keep up with exactly what’s going on with the event. Rugby League World Cup betting has become more popular than ever before in recent years, and with more fans and a bigger appeal, there are plenty of punters that are new to the scene. Anyone who has followed the RLWC for any amount of time knows that it has changed drastically since it was first created in the early 1950s.

For this reason, and to help those that are taking part in RLWC 2024 betting, here is a brief summary of how the tournament is going to work this year.

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The Rugby League World Cup has been famously inconsistent over the years, and has only recently adopted a format that suits everyone involved. In fact, it was during the 2013 event that the organisers decided to keep that format, and it has remained that way since. As far as Rugby League betting is concerned, it has not had too much of an impact, but it has made it a little more difficult to keep track of some of the teams for those that were used to the older formats.


Qualification requirements changed in 2013, and made it much easier for countries to qualify to play in the tournament, which is good news for anyone interested in RLWC2024 betting.

Any country that hosts the event is automatically qualified to take part. Additionally, those teams that reached a certain point in the previous World Cup are also given an automatic qualification into this year’s Cup. This is broken up into European/African/American qualifying groups.

Rugby League Bets on The Finale

The 14 teams that potential qualify for the semi-finals are split into four different groups. The ones that performed better are added to group A and group B, and everyone else is assigned to Group C and D. Three winning teams are chosen from the first two groups, and they are given access to the semi-finals.

Only one team is allowed from the other two groups, which means the competition is much more fierce, with one winner eventually being victorious. This new format is one of the reasons that the odds found in Rugby League World Cup betting are so high for some teams, and some bookies have already released odds for the teams, with the United States assigned the highest odds of 1500/1.

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The 2024 tournament is looking to be successful on every front, and anyone that has become involved in Rugby League betting will not be disappointed, even if the same teams win again.