Guide to Greyhound Betting in NZ

Punters from New Zealand are starting to realise how much fun Greyhound racing is, and more and more bettors are beginning to take part online. The turnaround time between individual races is lightning quick, and the payout time for your winning bets are also a lot faster than those made on other types of racing events.

The ease with which it is possible to lay Greyhound racing bets thanks to the advances of the internet are also a big reason for the surge in popularity. You do not have to be anywhere near the race in order to take part in Greyhound betting online, and New Zealand’s online bookmakers are ensuring that punters receive all the news that may influence the outcome of a race, as well as the best prices, markets and odds for each event.

Punters new to the world of online greyhound racing bets will be pleased to know they are very similar to the wagers laid on horse betting and such. Win betting is probably the most popular type of sports betting in NZ, and is a great place for beginners to start getting involved. All you have to do is choose which dog you think will win the race, and your correct guess will put money in your pocket according to the odds attached to the dog.

Greyhound betting online will offer punters shorter odds than win bets, and consists of choosing dogs to place first, second and third.

Greyhound Racing Betting Sites

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Should punters which to combine these two bets, and try to guess both the dog to win and to take the first three places of the race they can do so by means of the each way bet. This bet is made up of two separate bets, and offers punters two ways to collect their payout. Should the dog you chose to win do so, you will collect money for both the place bet and the win bet. If it comes in second or third, then only the place wager will pay out.

Greyhound betting online offers the opportunity for some complex bets as well. The quinella bet is one in which punters select two dogs for placement in either the first or second race, and, no matter which order these dogs end the race in, a payout is made. A box quinella is where more than two dogs are nominated to place, and if any of the ones you chose do so then you collect your winnings.

An exacta bet is similar to a quinella, but the dogs selected must arrive in the order the punter predicted. A trifecta allows you to choose three dogs to place first, second and third, but they also need to arrive in the correct order for you to collect.

Greyhound Racing New Zealand

Greyhound racing is fast paced and exciting to watch and bet on, and the feeling of watching the dogs speed around the track as your chosen animal takes the lead can be hard to beat. Pick one of our top rated Greyhound betting online sites and discover the thrill for yourself without delay!