How To Bet on the AFL Grand Final 2024

Betting on the AFL continues to grow and with the introduction of online betting placing bets on the AFL and the AFL grand final has been made so much easier and more accessible to sports bettors.  With advancements in technology betting on the AFL final has never been easier or safer.  Setting up an account at one of the more reliable and established sports betting sites is a simple process and once that is done bettors no longer have to put up with long queues while trying to place a bet on the AFL premiership final.  Bettors should always look around for the best odds as well as a range of different bets.

Betting on the AFL is constantly changing.  Head-to-head bets were the popular bets and was one of the few bets on offer to New Zealand bettors.  This type of bet is simply picking the team to win a round or the AFL Grand Final.  Another popular bet was the winning margin of a particular game.  Now New Zealand bettors have access to many more types of bets and these include placing bets on individual players, margins of games, individual awards such as which player will win the Brownlow or Coleman Medal or which team will win the AFL Grand Final in Melbourne.  Placing these bets online gives bettors up to the minute odds which means that the betting information is accurate at all times.

Top AFL Grand Final Betting Sites

TOP AFL Grand Final SITESApril 2024
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4 IE allowed4.6/5Login to see promotions Bet now

Futures betting is another popular betting option and bettors can place bets at the start of the season and try to predict who the winner of the AFL grand final will be.  Other futures bets include the players who are picked as favourites to win the medals.  These bets carry more risk as there are many factors involved in AFL and things can change very quickly.  Sports betting sites will put out lists of players and their odds of winning certain aspects of the game, but these will also continually be changing.  These types of bets do have excellent rewards though if bettors predict the winner.

Tips for Placing AFL Premiership Final Bets

New Zealand AFL bettors should remember that the finals which are played in September usually require players to up their game which means the games become more physical and their style of play becomes more demanding.  During the AFL final it would seem the umpires don’t blow the whistle as quickly and that a strong team will definitely have the upper hand.

It is also important for bettors to remember that because a team is winning it is not necessarily an indication they have the AFL premiership final in the bag.  Here are a few tips to help bettors with AFL betting.  Bettors should always place bets with their heads and not their hearts.  Bettors should look at placing line or margins bets and not just head-to-head bets.  Weather plays an important role in the AFL final as some teams play better in certain conditions.  Bettors should take the time to learn about the teams that are in the running for the AFL premiership final and also keep up to date with any injuries or suspended players as this may affect the outcome of a game.

The AFL grand final is the highlight of the AFL betting season and is a great way for New Zealand bettors to back their favourite teams with the chance of some good rewards.