The Future Of Sports Betting

When it comes to the future of sports betting, things are changing quickly. This is thanks to new technologies and changing customer habits. People are betting on sports in novel ….

Sportsbet Fined $3.7 Million For Spam

Australian authorities have slapped online bookmaker Sportsbet with $3.7 million in fines for sending unwanted (spam) gambling ads to users. The bookie reportedly sent more than 150,000 promotional emails and ….

US To Boycott Beijing Winter Olympics

US president Joe Biden and the White House have confirmed that a diplomatic boycott will be staged of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The decision has been defended as America’s response ….

UN Experts Call On Afghanistan Ban

United Nations human rights activists and experts are calling on sporting bodies from around the world to ban Afghanistan from participating in global events and competitions. The ban must be ….