Top Sites for NRL Betting in NZ

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world, and watching Rugby games is one of the favourite national pastimes across New Zealand. With the growth in online New Zealand bookmakers, the remote punting opportunities for Rugby are better than they have ever been before. The Australian NRL, or National Rugby League, holds exciting tourneys throughout the year and now all the action is only a few clicks away. If you are interested in exploring the exciting world of NRL betting, our guidelines below are an excellent place to start.

With a sport as beloved as Rugby it is easy to get caught up in emotion and base your decisions on the words of your heart rather than those of your head, especially if you are a novice punter. While you should always listen to your instincts, it is highly recommended that you base most NRL betting decisions on the wealth of factual information you can obtain. Online or offline, check each team’s odds with a national betting company to give odds that have been averaged across the country rather than a local bookie who has to give odds according to local NRL bets. You can also use the winning statistics of all involved players and teams and recent playing history to help you make your decision. The longer you spend analysing this kind of data, the more astute you will become at applying it.

Best NRL Betting Sites

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The NRL betting options at different sites do vary, but the full range of standard NRL bets is offered by most. This includes the basic Sing Match Wins and the performance of a specific player in a specific match, as well as exciting live NRL betting options like Asian handicaps.

In the biannual NRL tournaments, wagering is taken to thrilling new heights with the options becoming very complex and involved. Bracketed bets, allowing you to punt on which team will win each match and the one who will take the tourney, are common. Such exotic bets as these usually feature long odds, but the payouts are just as sizeable. You will soon come to know which NRL bets you do best with, as well as the ones you should abstain from.

Where to Place NRL Bets in NZ

Rugby is so popular and lucrative for the online sports betting sites in New Zealand, that almost every remote bookie offers NRL betting on the sport. Each site uses an odds making system of its own, and these vary considerably among online bet shops. The more reputable sites, such as those reviewed here, will guarantee paying out the best odds for specific games and NRL bets and you should always be sure to bet at a site that does so. Many sites promote NRL betting with promotions such as bonus bets which cab boost your winnings even more, so be sure to look out for these as well.

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NRL Betting on Mobile

For professional punters, wagering on Rugby at the online betting sites of New Zealand is profitable and enjoyable, while for others it is a way to formalise the debates and assertions they would be having with their friends while watching the game anyway. Whatever the case may be, the immersive process of research and choosing punts makes NRL betting hugely pleasurable for very player. Once you’ve tried it for yourself, you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

Best NRL Betting Tips in New Zealand 2023

NRL betting is immensely popular in New Zealand, with hundreds of thousands taking part on a regular basis. Stick with us, and we’ll discuss important tips to improve your chances of a successful bet. Whether you’re into State of Origin Betting, Rugby League World Cup Betting or more, we’ve got all the tips you need for a successful betting run.

Research is key

If you’re engaging in NRL betting by simply throwing down bets on your favourite teams, you’re doing it wrong. Research is immensely important as far as betting is concerned, with just a few hours of research making all the difference. Look into teams, investigate NRL odds, and get a better idea of what you’re betting on. Start taking NRL betting seriously and watch the odds potentially swing in your favour.

Consider Team Dynamics

How are the teams performing? Does a team operate like a well-oiled machine, or is there tension among the players? Many online betting enthusiasts tend to forget that a team that did well last season isn’t necessarily the same team going into this season. NRL odds also often don’t accurately represent how well a team is going to perform. Unlock true betting potential by researching each team before you put down any money.

Study Head-To-Head Records

How have these teams performed against one another in the past? NRL betting pros will spend hours studying head-to-head records, and for very good reason. Although the past isn’t a perfect indication of what will happen today, it can give important clues. Start taking your bets seriously, put in the effort, and head over to a betting site when you’re ready.

Utilise Statistical Analysis

A quick bit of research into statistics will reveal what the professionals are predicting for a match. There is always a statistical chance of how a match will turn out, and you should know this information if you want to make a smart bet. Statistics don’t always give flawless information but are a big clue as to how a match will turn out. Start taking statistics seriously and watch your NRL betting success rate climb.

Be Cautious With Favourites

Perhaps the most important in pro NRL betting is getting over favourites. Yes, you love a team, but that team isn’t going to refund you if you lose a bet. You can’t make NRL betting decisions based on emotions but can make them based on research, NRL odds, investigation, and analysis. Get serious, start putting in the time, and take your brain to the sportsbook, not your heart. The most reputable sportsbooks like Ladbrokes New Zealand offer great insights; it’s your job to stay calm, observe the data and make an informed decision when placing your NRL bets online.

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NRL Betting FAQ:

Is NRL betting legal in New Zealand?

Yes, you can legally bet on NRL games in New Zealand. Though you must be older than 18 to participate.

How do I choose a reputable NRL betting site?

You must only ever bet on legal sites that operate under a license. Investigate a sportsbook’s reputation before you bet.

Can I bet on NRL games live?

Yes, you can bet at an online sportsbook while a game is still in progress. Just sign up at a sportsbook and bet as you prefer.

Who is the leading try-scorer in NRL history?

Ken Irvine is the lead scorer in history with an incredible 212. Billy Slater is second with 190.