Bannon Does Ireland Proud at the WAKO Championships

December 29, 2017 by

Shauna Bannon Wins Two Gold Medals and More

Two short weeks ago, Shauna Bannon represented Ireland at the World Association Kickboxing Organisation’s, WAKO, World Championships. She headed back home with not one, but two gold medals, and was also crowned the best female fighter for the tournament as a whole. Clearly she didn’t need to rely on superstitions to see her through; she got by on raw talent and sheer skill.

A Gathering of the Best Kickboxers in the World

The WAKO World Championships took place in Budapest, Hungary, from the 2nd of November through to the 12th, as punters enjoying the online betting NZ and the rest of the world know full well, and brings together the finest fighters in the world.

Bannon Just Screamed When She Won!

Bannon said that when she won her second final she just started screaming with joy, because it meant that all the hard work she had put in, and all the sacrifices that she had made were worth it. She said that she had gone through eight difficult fights to get to her two world titles: four in point fighting, and four in continuous fighting.

She said these wins meant more to her because she had been training harder than ever in 2017, but the highlight from the week of fighting was very certainly winning the best female fighter award.

The Highest Standard of Kickboxing

Bannon went on to say that WAKO is held as the highest standard of kickboxing in terms of an organisation, and 750 of the very best female athletes from around the world took part. Being awarded the best fighter title was the highpoint of her successful week.

The Bannon Family Has Strong Links to Kickboxing

The Bannon family is known for their strong ties to the world of kickboxing. Shannon’s father, Martin, is an accepted figure in the sport, and was responsible for setting up Tallaght Martial Arts back in 1993, and her sister Nicole was also representing Ireland in the same WAKO event Shauna did so well in.

The Bannon family are known for their strong links to kickboxing. Her father Martin is an established figure in the sport and set up Tallaght Martial Arts in 2004, while her sister Nicole also represented Ireland at the same WAKO event.

This Shared Passion Helped Shauna Get to Where She Is

The passion for this sport that the Bannon family all share has been a major bonus for Shauna, leading up to her incredible achievements. She stated that having her family around here whenever she fought was wonderful, because they all knew each other so well, and offered one another incredible support.

She went on to explain that there was a lot of stress and emotion leading up to the World Championships, and that having someone alongside you who understood exactly what was going on made it a lot easier. She added that they were a strong team, and that she would never have been able to do it without her father, sister, and mother helping her the way they did.

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